Fermetaillieu Fermetaillieu Fermetaillieu
Fermetaillieu Fermetaillieu Fermetaillieu

Brussels sprouts


Green beans


It runs in the family

As a family business with many years of experience, we greatly value our products and our customers. The daily contact with our products and with the customers is what stimulates us to commit ourselves every day!

Large quantities at competitive prices

As a wholesaler, we make sure that production is carried out in an efficient way. By optimising our business procedures, we are able to offer the best quality at a competitive price.

Direct supply from the retailer

We like to keep a close eye on the entire process: from sowing, planting, growing and tending, to harvesting, packaging and transport. We also keep in touch with our customers in order to be able to accomodate their comments and meet their needs and wishes. By taking control of every part of the process ourselves and by matching it with our quality objectives, we can guarantee a high quality product.

Always aiming for perfection

It's inherent in our DNA to keep aiming for constant improvements. Therefore, we are consistently evaluating our products and taking into account feedback from consumers and the sector. We use the latest techniques and the best machines to avoid potential costs caused by disruption. So, receiving compliments on the quality of our products really makes our day.

The love for our products and the dedication with which we carry out our daily work are reflected in the delicious taste of our products on your plate.

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